Manor Farm Caravan Storage

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Frequently Asked Questions

We tend to use our caravan in the garden throughout the summer. Can you just store it for the winter?

No problem at all. One month or twelve months, entirely to suit you.

My caravan is twin axle/over 20ft long/over 8ft wide - will you accept it?

Yes of course, generally we impose no restrictions.
If you have any particular queries or concerns, 'phone and chat them through with us-we will be happy to help.


What about horseboxes or boats?

Horseboxes are no problem  - we have one of our own and as long as the boat will fit in
then we will be happy to store it. We do have a secure overflow area which suits boat owners in particular.

Who is responsible for my caravan whilst it is being stored?

Whilst we endeavour to ensure that nothing untoward happens to your caravan whilst it is stored on our premises our insurers will accept no responsibility for any damage to it and we must ask you to check with your own insurers that they are happy with the storage arrangements. Most insurers require the owner to fit a wheel clamp (or other immobilising device) to their caravan wherever it is stored.
Should your insurer want to talk to us to assess our storage facilities we will be happy to assist.

We would point out that there have been NO incidents of damage or theft from Manor Farm Caravan Storage.


How/When can I pick up/drop off my caravan?                                                                    

Pretty much when you like-it is your caravan! You ring us the day before to tell us when you are coming and we take it from there. We are generally closed between 7.30 in the evening and 8 the following morning, but if you're delayed in traffic or coming a long way then just let us know. To keep security as sharp as it needs to be we do strongly prefer 24 hours notice before you arrive on site.

I'm not too bothered about my caravan being undercover - have you any room outside?

Of course, and we can't expect you to pay as much as for an undercover space. All outside spaces enjoy similar security to the indoor area. They are covered by security lighting, screened from public roads and are on hard standing. Please ring for details or see our tariff page for prices.

Anything else?

If you need air for the tyres, power for a vacuum or a wash down from our pressure washer we will be happy to help.

You can find miscellaneous caravanning links on our links page here.


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